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I don't normal write reviews, But I thought I make a exception here. I came to Blake in the early summer. With a holiday looming in the distance we quickly established my goals and ambitions. Before I knew it Blake had sorted a meal plan and we were in the gym. Every session was varied and diverse, and because of this it was never a chore to train. Great in depth knowledge and advice along the way, my goals easily surpassed. Great conversations and good few laughs along the way create a nice relaxed working environment. Also seeing his other clients improve so much along the way, as well myself Id highly recommend Blake.

Steve A

Blake baker is the best personal trainer I've ever had, absolutely knows what his doing unlike some others PT I have had in past, been training with him just under 2 months and already seeing some changing, he gives you good motivation and full focus on you, definitely would recommend him if anyone is looking for personal trainer.

Suf Ian

16-Week plans

16-Week Muscle Gain Plan

A 16 week muscle gain regime is designed as a one off programme to increase muscle mass, strength and hypertrophy and provides the correct amount of calories. Some clients tend to worry about increasing fat mass while on a mass gain phase due to the total amount of calories. However to prevent this Blake uses macronutrient manipulation, calorie cycling and nutrient timing as a tool to prevent fat mass gain and ensure maximum muscle mass is achieved.

16-Week Fat Oxidation Plan

As above the 16 week muscle gain programme is a one off programme that is designed to decrease total fat mass on the body and increase fat oxidation over the duration of the plan. This will include macronutrient manipulation, calorie cycling and nutrient timing. Blake’s view of fat oxidation is different to many other trainers as his aim is to get the client consuming as much food as possible while still decreasing fat mass. A multitude of trainers “starve” clients and decrease the total calories to potentially dangerous levels impairing optimal health and well being . Blake has a good understanding and evidence based knowledge in the field of fat oxidation and is currently on his third year at university studying fat oxidation for his dissertation . The one off programme offers the chance to sample what the online coaching can deliver. The monthly package includes a more comprehensive deal that will cover everything as mentioned above in the online monthly coaching details.