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I don't normal write reviews, But I thought I make a exception here. I came to Blake in the early summer. With a holiday looming in the distance we quickly established my goals and ambitions. Before I knew it Blake had sorted a meal plan and we were in the gym. Every session was varied and diverse, and because of this it was never a chore to train. Great in depth knowledge and advice along the way, my goals easily surpassed. Great conversations and good few laughs along the way create a nice relaxed working environment. Also seeing his other clients improve so much along the way, as well myself Id highly recommend Blake.

Steve A

Blake baker is the best personal trainer I've ever had, absolutely knows what his doing unlike some others PT I have had in past, been training with him just under 2 months and already seeing some changing, he gives you good motivation and full focus on you, definitely would recommend him if anyone is looking for personal trainer.

Suf Ian

one to One personal training

Work hard in silence let the success make the noise

One to One personal training by Blake Baker is designed for many aspects of training such as hypertrophy training, fat oxidation, body transformation, strength conditioning and cardiovascular health. However there are other benefits to one to one training with Blake other than physical factors ,such as motivation, psycholgical benefits and general well being.

2-1 Personal Training

Besides one to one personal training, there will also be option available for 2-1 personal training sessions designed for people who may not be financially able to do the one to one sessions or for people who find working with a trainer 1-1 a little daunting. This could be two friends or a couple who rather train together than separate.

To find out more contact us or just to book a free consultation or just to ask any questions you may have.

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